Silver Obsidian carries a higher vibration than regular Obsidian. It is a very protective stone, particularly during spiritual work. It is effective for anyone who feels lost or dissatisfied with their life. It is a stone of self-reflection and reminds us that we are the masters of our own destiny. It encourages one to take action to change the direction of their life, and make use of the gifts and talents they have been given. Silver Obsidian has a calming energy and helps one enter a deep meditative state. It also enhances the connection between the body, mind, and spirit.


Golden Obsidian is a stone of personal power. It helps one find a sense of direction in their life that aligns with Divine will. It enables one to identify and gently erase the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that are preventing them from achieving their goals in life. It encourages one to actively make positive changes in all areas of their life. It also helps us discover our hidden talents and abilities, and start to use them to the best of our ability. It is a powerful stone for manifesting and attracting wealth and prosperity. It is also said to be effective for crystal ball scrying.


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Silver Sheen & Golden Obsidian Mini Paws

  • Weight:  8g 

    Measurement: 2.5cm X 2.8 cm X 1cm approx