The Magic Spell Candle Bundle includes 10 candles. 1 of each of the following colours: white, light blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, brown, red and black.


Each candle burns for approximately 2 hours making them perfect for quick candle magick and travel altars.


Size: 9.5cms


Blue - Healing, health, forgiveness, communication and calm

Black - Banishing negativity, safety, protection and binding

Green - Money, luck, nature,growth, fertility and healing

White - Purity, spirituality, higher self, peace and truth

Yellow - Joy, manifestation, creativity, learning, reason, focus and intelligence

Orange - Success, justice, opportunity, celebration and ambition

Red - Passion, sex, action, courage and strength, vital health and charisma

Pink - Romance, love, self love, harmony, affection, emotional healing and friendship

Brown - Grounding, earth, animals, stability and family

Purple - Spiritual power, wisdom, tranquility, wisdom, hidden knowledge,influence and psychic power


* Never leave burning candles unattended* Always use a candle holder when burnig candles


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Magic Spell Candle Bundle

  • Magic Spell Candle Bundle Pack includes 10 Multicoloured Candles.