2 Crystal types, Labradorite and Moss Agate. Choose your preferred crystal type and we will intuitively select a dragonfly for you. 



Labradorite releases you from things that you are ready to move on from- toxic friendships, bad habits and past lives. One of the best stones to enhance your intuition and protecting/deflecting dull energies. The most rare colours of Labradorite is a pink/purple flash.


Moss Agate: 


Moss Agate helps correct imbalances between the left and right side of the brain. It boosts mental function and can be a beneficial stone for those who lack creativity and imagination. Moss Agate helps one feel grounded, safe, and secure, due to its strong connection with Mother Earth. It is said to be a powerful aid for those who experience frequent mood swings due to its stabilizing properties. It stimulates the heart chakra and promotes emotional healing. 


-You will receive 1 x Dragonfly pictured in the photos. Intuitively Chosen for you once you select your preferred crystal type.

-We try our hardest to showcase our specimens in an honest and accurate way.

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Dragonflies (Intuitively Chosen)

SKU: 608-611
  • Price is for 1 x Dragonfly

    Weight:  6g approx 

    Measurement: 2.4cm X 2.5cm approx